Hey, I'm Keith!

I build cool solutions out of your ideas!
..trust me, I'm a software engineer.

FB Dropshipper

FB Dropshipper is a Facebook Marketplace dropshipping platform that manages and automates syncing of data from suppliers such as Amazon to Facebook Marketplaces.

  • Implemented backend RESTful API in Ruby on Rails
  • Asynchronous jobs for parallel processing for tasks such as importing of product data from Amazon
  • Stripe integration for subscriptions and purchasing of tokens
  • Realtime notifications with Pusher
  • ..and more!

"Always a pleasure working with Keith. He has helped us for several years on numerous projects and never fails to disappoint. His extensive knowledge of programming and best software development practices makes him an excellent engineer for any team."

Brian Heo, Founder FB Dropshipper

Edelstein and friends

I've been working on some passion projects that reverse engineer and re-implements a certain 2d mushroom game, check em' out!

  • Edelstein — the project that started it all! a re-implementation of 2d mushroom game server

  • Foothold — experiments, tests, and benchmarks of spatial geometric structures

  • Duey — a very efficient parser for a very efficient node-tree file format